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Our integrated auto-lubrication solution for your never-waning productivity

IA Industry auto lubrication solutions provide certainty for today’s modern equipment manufacturers, managers and operators seeking continuous uptime and optimal productivity from the machines they rely on daily. With automatic lubrication, systems provide the proper amount of lubrication on a more frequent basis.

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At Integrated Auto-Lubrication Solutions, we are committed to offering the best quality equipment for all your construction needs.  Since our company began in 1926, our #1 priority has been to offer the industry’s best products.

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IA1 Pumps


IA3 Pumps


IA-Mini Pumps

IA Industry quality fill pumps provide a reliable solution for filling your on-vehicle automatic lubrication equipment. These pumps come in a variety of options to fit your application and keep your equipment running.

For demanding lubrication applications, professionals turn to IA Industry’s durable and reliable IA3 automatic grease & oil pumps. These pumps handle changing temperatures and challenging grease types with ease.

Robust, reliable and packed with power, the compact IA-Mini® lubrication pump is built with rugged materials to handle small-scale lubrication, while withstanding the rigors of most environments, including harsh climates and worksites.

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